Efficient, fast, flexible: our idea of partnership for technologically advanced electronic boards.

MEC was born in 1982 in a basement. Yes, that's right. We like to bring up that memory because the value of growth and development in which we have always believed is stronger for us. We are a family business, born in Brescia, existing because of the will and commitment of Diego Cartella. His wife Ombretta and sons Alessio and Simone also believed in this project, and entered the company with the enthusiasm and innovative approach of the new generations.

Our Brescia-based company has been manufacturing electronic boards for almost 40 years. During our expansion we have always valued good relationships with all customers, from smaller local companies to the most prestigious and structured companies. Thanks to the experience gained today MEC is able to assist customers in all phases of the production of printed circuit boards: from design to welding, assembly, washing and coating, passing through the engineering phase that allows you to create samples, prototypes and pre-series of electronic boards. We strive to be the client's reference point, the sole interlocutor with the flexibility and the ability to solve problems that every customer would like by their side.

Our strengths?

  • Highly specialized, proactive and dynamic human capital

  • State-of-the-art tools and machinery

  • Innovative technologies

  • Customer orientation

  • Continuous assistance also in the post-sales

MEC Group


Our group.

We have combined the specific skills
of our companies to create an efficient,
technological and highly specialized group.


Extension of the production unit of Provaglio d’Iseo for a total of 3,500 square meters. The MEC group unifies its production in a single location with 85 collaborators.



New production plant in Osio (BG): MEC acquires an electronics company moved from Albino and established in a new 1,000 sq m warehouse in Osio Sotto. With the new 20 collaborators the group counts 62 people.


Start of Assel activity, the group company that works in the Monticelli Brusati (BS) laboratory with 7 new collaborators, bringing the total number of employees to 42.


ISO 9001:1998 certified and starting MEC Srl with 15 new collaborators, thus making up a team of 35 people.


First expansion of the Provaglio d’Iseo site: an area increase to 1,400 square meter allowing the creation a department dedicated to the new SMD technology.


Relocation to Provaglio d’Iseo (BS): MEC moves to a new 800 m2 factory with 20 employees.


Relocation to Monticelli Brusati (BS): MEC moves to a new 400 m2 production site with 15 employees.


Foundation of MEC according to Mr Cartella: the journey of growth and development begins from the basement with the help of two collaborators.


MEC: a point of reference in the production of electronic boards that improve the performance of customers.

This intent comes true thanks to those who believe in this project every day: the MEC team. Sharing a common path is the attitude that allows us to deliver quality electronic boards, ready to use and able to ensure the best performance on their machinery and equipment.


When a project starts, the MEC team grows:
the customer becomes part of our process because they are involved in every single phase.

The experience in the production of electronic boards for different fields allowed us to refine a customer-oriented working method. The MEC process mirrors the desire to think and implement the best technological solutions for your company.


electronic card customer service

The contact with the customer allows us to define a profitable and efficient relationship.

Analysis required, needs and advice

cost-benefit analysis of electronic boards

Every need is analyzed to structure a concrete, functional and productive response. Insourcing or outsourcing? MEC recommends the customer the option that best matches and fits in.

Study and prototyping

study and prototyping of electronic boards

When a new production is in place, MEC provides the technical team available for prototypes and samples with the aim of industrializing the process.


production of electronic boards

Technological and human resources: latest generation machinery and trained personnel. This is what our production spaces are made of.

Test and inspection

testing and testing of electronic boards

How can customers be assured of high-performance and ready-to-use electronic boards? Thanks to strict tests and inspections before delivery.


electronic board after-sales assistance

We organize the transportation and the after-sales customer care, keeping in contact with the customer for a dedicated assistance service.

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