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27 Apr 2022

40 years of MEC

40 years of Mec

Our story begins in 1982, on April 27.

MEC, Diego Cartella and a garage, the place where our founder started his business. Today, when we think back to that time, we can only retain emotions and a sense of pride.

In these 40 years the Company improved on several fronts. His wife Ombretta and later his sons Alessio and Simone join him, the second generation, who today lead the company with decision and preparation. The family imprint persists, but the structure has changed a lot, today in MEC work almost 90 people, brilliant minds with different responsibilities and skills. If the dimension of the company is no longer those of the garage, much of that spirit remained the same: determination, ethics, thinking today about what will happen tomorrow and passion of our work.

This anniversary is one stage of the journey, many others are to be reached with the same enthusiasm and tenacity that motivated us from the beginning and that allowed us to get there.

A special thanks goes to collaborators, customers and all those who in these four decades have believed in MEC, we have reached goals that maybe not even we imagined, gaining the trust of those who shared our path and made MEC a competitive company.

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