In Italy.

MEC electronic boards are conceived from an experience of nearly 40 years in the electronics.

Let’s invest
in technology.

Every year we update our machinery by investing in technological innovation.

MEC is your company best tech partner
for the development of the most suited solutions.

Since 1982 MEC produces and assembles electronic boards for several industries. Accuracy, timeliness and a strong problem-solving attitude are its strengths.

What makes a company dynamic and reliable? The continuous investments in technology for sure, to create the most performing and efficient solution, but also the open dialogue with the customer, a trait that turns a simple supplier into a partner that shares the values of the client as its own.


MEC close collaboration with the customer goes beyond the mere supply of electronic boards: partnership means studying together with the client, one-of-a-kind, unique and tailor-made solutions.

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Know-how, people, quality.

Human resources is to MEC the element that broadens the horizon, improves performance and contributes to continuous growth. The curiosity and experience of our collaborators are in fact the levers that push the quality bar higher and higher.

Technology, innovation, expertise.

A team of professional and reliable people alone, however, is not enough. There has to be the best technology to support the team. That’s why we invest every year in new machinery for the production of electronic boards: this is how we give the MEC team the opportunity to give tangible form to the concept of innovation that has always motivated us.

Problem solving

Whenever a customer faces a problem, it becomes our challenge. We have a proactive attitude, aiming at finding the best solution. Always. This translates into production and assembling of high quality electronic boards, but not only. Indeed, we define a path where we constantly walk and assist the customer, keen to provide the most effective answer.

Application fields

We are flexible and dynamic. We prove that by producing electronic boards, made in Italy, for many different fields. Are these solutions the same for everyone? Of course not. The product and the service are studied and thought out for each area and use.

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MEC designs and manufactures electronic boards for each sector: which one do you belong to?


When a project starts, the MEC team grows:
the customer becomes part of our process because they are involved in every single phase.

The experience in the production of electronic boards for different fields allowed us to refine a customer-oriented working method. The MEC process mirrors the desire to think and implement the best technological solutions for your company.

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The contact with the customer allows us to define a profitable and efficient relationship.

Analysis required, needs and advice

Every need is analyzed to structure a concrete, functional and productive response. Insourcing or outsourcing? MEC recommends the customer the option that best matches and fits in.

Study and prototyping

When a new production is in place, MEC provides the technical team available for prototypes and samples with the aim of industrializing the process.


Technological and human resources: latest generation machinery and trained personnel. This is what our production spaces are made of.

Test and inspection

How can customers be assured of high-performance and ready-to-use electronic boards? Thanks to strict tests and inspections before delivery.


We organize the transportation and the after-sales customer care, keeping in contact with the customer for a dedicated assistance service.

How is our method
applied to production?

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