How to protect the performance of the boards? With conformal coating.

The conformal coating process on the electronic boards involves covering the PCBa with a material (resin and thinner) to protect it mainly from dirt, humidity, vibrations, chemical events and other elements that can damage the board in the work environment where it operates. It also ensures an excellent level of electrical insulation and does not have particularly high costs. Conformal coating is used in many fields, e.g. amtomotive, aerospace and military applications, control systems for railways and many others.

For best results, dispensing takes place through robots programmed to selectively deposit material, guaranteeing repetitiveness during processing, uniform deposits, material savings and high productivity. In MEC we have two equipment dedicated to automatic silicone conformal coating and automatic acrylic conformal coating; the offer is completed with the possibility of spray and immersion dispensing, also with the aid of different materials.

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