A large human capital: this is how we define our team of experts.

Let's talk about the value of every single MEC collaborator, the expertise to merge resources, skills and human commitment to the most modern technologies made available in our production spaces in Provaglio d'Iseo, Brescia.

MEC collaborators are specialized technicians, experts in the production of electronic boards, also thanks to the continuous training that makes them always ready to respond to new market challenges. In support and demonstration of skills of our employees we have invested in the certification of each of them. In particular, our technicians have successfully obtained the IPC JSTD 001, a nominal certification linked to electronic welding. Investments in technology are important, but they are of little use if the main commitment is not reserved to the growth of the team.

The Cartella family, MEC's innovative nature.

Diego Cartella
General Management

Simone Cartella
Director of Planning

Alessio Cartella
Sales Manager

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Rotate the device