MEC is research, study and development: a unique and reliable one-stop office for the design of your electronic boards.

Designing master printed circuit boards requires cutting-edge technologies and software. MEC works in a dense and dynamic industrial fabric, Brescia, which has allowed the company to expand its value proposition and innovative services.

The main software that we provide for the design of electronic boards are: Altium, Orcad PCB Professional and Orcad Capture, Cadence. These tools offer safe and efficient design and simulation environments, releasing manufacturing files with related customer documentation. Furthermore, thanks to the potential of 3D design, production costs are optimized and industrialized.

The design in MEC is managed by an experienced team to create electronic boards that will later become concrete and customized solutions.

The design steps of MEC electronic boards are:

  1. Meeting with the customer

  2. Sharing technical specifications

  3. Feasibility analysis and dedicated advisory

  4. Planning and development of the electronic board

  5. Delivery of technical documentation

What are the advantages for those who choose the MEC design? The customer who relies on us not only for the production and assembly of the electronic boards, but also for their design, will deal with a reference contact who will then deliver a finished and ready-to-use product. This translates into savings of time and money for the client, because a single supplier is able to manage every phase of production with a global and optimized vision over the project.

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