Forget about the management of raw materials: MEC's insource is the solution.

MEC can supply electronic boards in insource, that is, taking charge of the procurement and management of materials on behalf of the customer. Thanks to the internal purchasing office, which has been operating for years with strategic partners, is able to obtain the best quotes of the necessary components. The advantages for the client? Optimized production times and costs, a warehouse always available, reception of electronic boards ready for use, the best prices for the purchase of raw materials. The solution in insource proposed by MEC solves:

  • the problems of negotiation with the suppliers of components
  • the problems of space used for the storage of raw materials available
  • the problems of handling them
  • the use of resources by the customer for the preparation of kits dedicated to production

Furthermore, thanks to the insource, MEC ensures:

  • the supply of quality raw materials a competitive prices
  • traceability on the production batch
  • automatic management of the material in the warehouse according to Fifo logic
  • the storage of electronic components in environments with controlled temperature and humidity
  • electronic boards ready for use

MEC thus becomes an integral part of the client's production process, as proof of its key role as an active partner and not a mere a supplier.

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